At APS, our job operates and entails on 4 principles to ensure customer satisfaction.

Consolidation of non-strategic purchases

Cost savings on administrative overheads (1 Order to handle several suppliers). Additionally, prices incurred on any plausible need for re-packing prior to shipment will be reduced.

Volume effect that customers will benefit from

APS has over 6,000 supplier accounts worldwide. We have direct partnerships with distributors and manufacturers, and long-lasting collaboration with freight forwarders in various destinations.

Expertise know-how

We have excellent product knowledge on a wide range of categories in every industry, and agreements with third party inspections.

A Global Partnership

APS has a physical presence in 5 continents, customised Global agreements though a single point of contact for the entire network.

Please read and take note of the following terms and conditions:
General Conditions of Purchase
General Conditions of Sale


Oil & Gas

Drilling equipment
Tubing, Piping & Casing
Valves & Fittings
  Mining & Forestry
Water & pumping
Open cut & Hard rock
  mining equipment
Power systems

Safety equipment
Chemicals & Lubricants
Lifting equipment & Parts
  Food & Beverage

Metering system
Conveyors and parts
Water treatment   equipment
Control systems

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